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Din wa dawla (دين و دولة) is the slogan used by the Islamists, like the Muslim Brotherhood, to signal that the teachings of Islam are not limited to the mosque (din), but also apply to the state (dawla). This denial of the separation of religion and state was a reaction to the growing secularisation and modernisation of the Middle-East by its socialist and nationalist governments in the 20th century.

This blog is named after this slogan, because the blog covers both the religion (din) as the politics (dawla) of North Africa and the Middle-East. In fact, both are currently inseparable as they both react to each other and shape each other. Society in this area is also shaped by both.

The aim of this blog is twofold. First, it aims to give the general public a better understanding of the complex religious and political developments in the Middle-East. Secondly, I enjoy studying the intriguing and complex world of this scorched but beautiful part of the world and writing about from a personal and professional position. I hope that you will enjoy my blog.

Ma’a as-salama

Duktur Duinmaijer

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